What is EventBridge Storming?

EventBridge Storming enables reduced coupling, faster development speed, an adaptable architecture, reduced risk and improved team autonomy.

EventBridge Storming is a workshop that helps teams to design loosely coupled Serverless Event-Driven architectures on AWS. As an extension to EventStorming, a Domain-Driven Design technique, EventBridge Storming takes things further - leaving teams with the blueprint for their Serverless architecture.

It can be applied to Greenfield applications, as well as migration projects as part of the "Minimum Viable Migration" framework.

EventBridge storming was released in 2020 by Ben Ellerby, Founder and CTO of aleios, and has been used with our clients and the wider Serverless community.
Read the EventBridge
Storming Guide
EventBridge Storming was referenced in AWS re:Invent 2021 "Best practices of advanced serverless developers"

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