Who Are We?

We're a team of passionate and dedicated Cloud Engineers building architectures of the future, and defining the best practices. Our team is passionate about building in a Serverless way, using the best of Cloud Native. Not only are we passionate builders, but we share what we do with the community constantly.

As part of the Theodo Group we also have 500 digital specialists across London, Paris and New York - with specialist verticals in the Group focused on Cloud, Web, Mobile, UI/UX, Data Science, FinTech, Aviation and Health Tech.

Aiden Walton

Cloud Architect

Alex White

Principal Solutions Architect

April Bates

Serverless Developer

Ben Ellerby

CEO/CTO Co-Founder

Ben Pollard

Serverless Developer

Christian Newman

Operations / Cloud Delivery Manager

Elle Futernick

Chief of Staff

Greg Torrington

Serverless Developer

Jordan O'Connor

Cloud Delivery Manager

Josh Thorne

Cloud Architect

Liza Cullis

Serverless Developer

Luke Yianni

Cloud Architect & Serverless Product Owner

Manon Faour

Serverless Developer

Margaux Woellner

Business Development

Matt Carey

Serverless Developer

Mike Stringfellow

Senior Cloud Architect

Molly Caesar

Head of Talent & People Specialist

Ryan Schuller

Serverless Developer

Sebastian Oliver

Serverless Developer

Sol Parker

Serverless Developer

Suzy Vanezis

Talent Specialist

+500 Engineers in the Group


Senior Cloud Woofer


Cloud Woofer

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Our teams are pushing the future of Serverless, and building the tools to support, run and test in this future.

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