Serverless Cloud Services

FinOps (Cloud Economics)

Extract maximum value at optimal total cost with Serverless

Maximizing the value of Cloud requires changing how your organization architects, builds, and finances the applications and services you create.

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Greenfield Acceleration

Build to scale, from Day 0

We help companies of all sizes build new applications with scale in mind. From new large social media platforms to high-frequency global systems, our architecture is built to scale automatically, all while keeping costs low.

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Application Modernization

Move beyond legacy, today

We help you move to the best of Cloud via our progressive modernization strategy

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CTO as a Service

Technical leadership, on-demand

We provide architectural leadership, mentoring for engineers, board-level reporting, and even help you to hire and train an entire engineering team.

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Serverless Generative AI Services

Generative AI (GenAI)

Leveraging the power of GenAI in your organisation, today.

Finding the use case, data strategy and integration into your applications and processes.

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Large Language Model Customization

Augmenting foundational LLMs with your data to create new experiences with Serverless.

Leveraging the change brought about by generative AI technologies to augment existing and build new products/services by leveraging your unique data assets.

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