Serverless helped us get our data in one place, and then leverage it

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Leveraging Data Across SaaS To Increase Conversion

The luxury e-commerce furniture provider operates in the UK, America, and Australia. They handle everything in-house: including delivery, sales, and fulfillment. Since 2018, they have continued to grow year after year. A “buy-not-build” mentality has helped them grow rapidly - but it has also distributed their data and processes across a range of SaaS.

As a luxury and highly customisable bespoke product, a single sale involves 9 people, from scheduling to sampling, building, and delivery. They came to aleios to build a Serverless data lake across third-party SaaS providers (e.g., Shopify, ZenDesk, Klaviyo, Xero). This central view of data allowed them to leverage automation and prioritise sales, increasing conversion rates and bringing more value to their customer.

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How Serverless Helps Centralise Data Across SaaS

Aleios created a Serverless Data Lake in AWS by leveraging S3 and Glue. Amazon EventBridge provided a direct integration with ZenDesk and Shopify out of the box, and custom lambdas were written to receive data from Xero and other providers.

The aggregated data was stored in Parquet storage to ensure it was cost-effective and could be queried. Athena provided an SQL interface over the Data Lake which was leveraged directly by the data teams at the e-commerce company. This architecture also allowed them to integrate with their existing BI tooling.

A fully Serverless architecture could be deployed in every country where they operate with ease - as well as automatically accommodating traffic spikes like Black Friday.

Serverless enabled us to quickly and effectively leverage data across third-party SaaS. Aleios helped kickstart our adoption, and continue to provide expert hands-on guidance.


How the data was leveraged to bring automation and increase conversion

The data aggregated was quickly used to prioritise sales leads using basic statistical analysis and some Machine Learning. Pushing data back to third-party SaaS like ZenDesk allowed these models to directly change the priority of leads in the platforms the sales team were using.

The sales team was also accelerated in their work by adding new features to their ZenDesk interface - allowing actions to be taken across SaaS tools and cross-tool data to be shown in the context of specific customer orders.

Consulting Process: Serverless Consulting, App Launch, Infrastructure Scaling, Team Training

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