The best thing that has happened so far in our company's history

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High Traffic Serverless Esports Platform

Gamercraft needed to support high traffic spikes during large-scale Esports tournaments. aleios helped Gamercraft to identify Serverless on AWS as the optimal target architecture for their MVP and beyond. Serverless ensured Gamercraft could move quickly to meet market demand, while simultaneously future proofing their platform for larger scale tournaments.

aleios worked with Gamercraft to build their initial MVP and release it to real end users within just 14 weeks. This validated product hypotheses and demonstrated the economic and performance advantages of a Serverless architecture. Our AWS Serverless Hero, Ben Ellerby, ran workshops with the Gamercraft in their New York offices, mapping the business domain to the technical architecture using Domain-Driven Design techniques.

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A Serverless best practice template was created and replicated for each of the system services, with Amazon EventBridge providing the Event routing between services.

After the MVP was validated the architecture was further productionised by adding observability tooling, increased automated integration testing and empowering their team to make changes to the system autonomously.

Following the successful scaling of the plaform the aleios team supported Gamercraft in building their own tech capability, hiring and training engineers in Serverless and the best of Cloud-Native. This training was completely hands-on, leveraging pair-programing and our custom training visibility tools to ensure a rapid and manageable ramp-up of the new engineers.

The partnership with Aleios has been the best thing that has happened so far in our company's history.

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The Results

The platform built with the aleios team was able to raise a new round of funding just 2 months after launch. Serverless was recognised by investors as positive indication of the platforms architectural quality.

Gamercraft were left with a 5-Star rated app as well as a trained and autonomous technical team. In addition Gamercraft continue to work with our methodology of software delivery having been convinced of its value during our time working together.

Consulting Process: Serverless Consulting, App Launch, Infrastructure Scaling, Team Training

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