Serverless architecture makes it possible to have a worldwide solution that is easy to operate at a low cost.

Global Ground Transit Provider
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Using Serverless for Real-Time Transport Updates

Building a serverless global notification system reduced the time to broadcast multi-channel updates for 1.5 Billion passengers from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

The global ground transit provider was looking to increase its market share. To do so, they chose to improve its passenger experience via improved real-time communications. 

Having determined that off-the-shelf solutions were unable to meet their needs, the Chief Digital Officer decided to co-create their own platform to disseminate alerts quickly across 7 different channels (SMS, Maps, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Web and Mobile). The main success criteria for the platform were speed and consistency. Due to the spiky nature of the traffic and need to fan out many notification events a fully Serverless Event-Driven architecture was the perfect solution.

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How Serverless & aleios help the transportation industry reach success

The platform needed to integrate simply with various communications channels across multiple countries. Being based on events, Serverless is simple to integrate with a range of native Cloud notification tools, third-party platforms, and generic APIs. As the entire application is managed via Infrastructure as Code templates and abstracted from the underlying machine, it's also simple to deploy the same application across multiple regions in a matter of minutes, increasing stability, reducing latency, and complying with local data sovereignty rules.

Serverless architecture makes it possible to have a worldwide solution, operated easily, and at a lower cost.

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Beyond The Project

The launch of this notification platform has improved the ground transit provider's engagement rates and reputation with passengers, contributing to 5 new major contracts for new networks in the USA.

The tools is completely self managing, scaling to zero when there are no incidents and ramping up automatically when a major delay occurs.

Consulting Process: Serverless Consulting, App Launch, Infrastructure Scaling, Team Training

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