Using Serverless we could scale our environmental funding platform for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

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Catalysing planet-saving action with Serverless

Pinwheel are experts in identifying environmental recovery projects that can make real change. They are on a mission to inspire support for the world’s most meaningful environmental and biodiversity initiatives. Ensuring we all have the means and motivation to play an active role in restoring the health and happiness of our planet.

As part of this mission Pinwheel wanted to build a platform for large scale events to raise awareness and engagement with sustainability projects by democratising how funding is invested. Pinwheel worked with aleios to build a scalable, reliable and dynamic voting platform for this event.

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The Pinwheel platform enables people and businesses to fund projects that repair the planet - with realtime results and donation integration. For such an ambitious platform they needed an truly special event to launch with, and nothing was as fitting as supporting The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant's sustainability initiative.

In 2022 the Platinum Jubilee Pageant supported three brilliant sustainability projects. The Pinwheel platform allowed the nation to vote on their favourite projects, bringing sustainability front and centre to the event. Further to this, the architecture was built to be entirely white label, meaning the same dynamic platform can be reused for future events.

Using Serverless we could scale globally in time for the Queen's Jubilee, allowing the nation decide on the Jubilee's legacy.

Daniel James
Head of Engineering

The project was completed in just 4 weeks, directly before the Jubilee Pageant. An aleios team worked directly with the Head of Engineering at Pinwheel to build the backend infrastructure and frontend voting interface in a fully Serverless approach. Serverless met the needs of fast development velocity, low operations overhead and dynamic scalability for the massive event peak traffic.

The team also took the opportunity to move pinwheel to a fully Headless CMS, enabling the marketing team to have a self service interface of event creation, and wider modernization of Pinwheel's technical stack.

Consulting Process: Serverless Consulting, App Launch, Infrastructure Scaling, Team Training

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