Serverless is such a natural fit for our ULCC operating model

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Leveraging Cloud to Scale one of Europe's Largest Airlines

From shipping the first slice of the modernised e-commerce infrastructure to production in just 8 weeks to continued iterative migration over 2 years, we supported the end-to-end Serverless transformation of the airline.

This airline, like most low-cost carriers, relies on its digital e-commerce interfaces as its primary touchpoint with new and existing customers. After over a decade of use, the existing technology stack was not ready to scale with the increasing number of passengers or the need for more advanced ancillary upselling through complex A/B testing and personalisation. To address these constraints, the entire e-commerce infrastructure of the airline needed to be rebuilt using the best of Cloud, Serverless.

The challenge was to change the complex e-commerce engine without disrupting normal operations or development. This is where aleios's Minimum Viable Migration (MVM) framework came into play. Shipping small vertical slices of the e-commerce to production in a gradual migration roadmap enabled assumptions to be tested, technology to be proven, and a culture of continuous release to be built into the technical and product teams. In addition, this migration approach enabled team members from the existing applications to be moved over in small batches, minimizing the impact on ongoing development and operations.

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Training through delivery

After our engagement, the airline needed to be autonomous and self-sufficient in the new technology stack - reaping the benefits of improved developer velocity, reduced cost, and of course, increased scalability & stability. Our approach was to embed their existing technical team members in the end-to-end modernization journey. To minimize the impact on their current systems, a small set of engineers was initially transferred to intense hands-on training. After that, a training school was established to ensure a smooth transition of developers month by month (as different domains were migrated). We leveraged our proprietary training materials and our Serverless Skills matrix for reporting and coaching at both the individual and aggregate levels.

Serverless is such a natural fit for our ULCC operating model, but moving to it required support across technology, product and people.

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The end result

The e-commerce channels are still being successfully migrated domain by domain by a joint aleios and client team of engineers. We continue to provide high-level strategy on the migration as well as on-the-ground delivery and training. Improved performance, developer velocity, scalability, and built-in stability have all been shown for the areas already migrated. These impressive achievements have been possible all while operating at a reduced cost compared to the previous on-premise legacy monolith.

We're excited to work together to complete the migration fully while adding new capabilities around personalization and enhanced A/B testing.

Consulting Process: Serverless Consulting, App Launch, Infrastructure Scaling, Team Training

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