Python Web Conf 2023
March 13, 2023
Minimum Viable Migrations (MVMs): A Path to Cloud Modernization

Approaches to migrate to Serverless often lack the agility needed to ensure success. Thinking in terms of events provides a path to state-of-the-art Event-Driven Serverless. We’ll see how Minimum Viable Migrations provide a path to Serverless using a real world airline’s journey as an example.

Many people want to adopt Serverless, but struggle to see a path from their current legacy architectures. Modernization approaches often lack the agility needed to ensure success and maximise value to users. Thinking in terms of events not only provides a path to state-of-the-art Event-Driven architectures, but also a non-terminal architectural destination ready to evolve with customer needs and technological advances. We need to move away from a “big-bang” migration mindset and use events to map a series of non-terminal Minimum Viable Migrations (MVMs) to stay current and adaptive to change. This talk presents the framework of Minimum Viable Migrations to achieve success in Serverless adoption.

Having applied the MVM framework to companies of all sizes this talk will present real life examples of successful Serverless adoption, and snapshots into how MVMs can be applied. We’ll look not only look at the technical considerations of a progressive migration to Serverless, but also the people and training aspects to ensure success in larger scale environments. Deep diving into a real world airline that uses MVMs to migrate from on-premise to state-of-the-art Serverless.

June 24, 2022
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