Continuous observability for Serverless
Boris Tane


Observability-driven development is a new paradigm shift in software development that prioritizes real-time monitoring in production over extensive testing and traditional code reviews. Like many other development practises, Observability-Driven Development focuses on delivering small, functional deliverables and then iterating to improve the product.Observability without action is just storage. To truly benefit from observability, developers must be empowered to take action based on the data they collect. This requires a cultural shift towards more proactive and collaborative development practices.This talk explores the key benefits of observability-driven development, including faster time to market, improved quality, and increased reliability. We also discuss how to implement observability practices effectively and how to leverage observability data to make informed decisions.Overall, this talk provides valuable insights into how observability-driven development can help developers move faster and deliver better software. By prioritizing observability and empowering developers to take action based on real-time data, organizations can improve the quality, reliability, and efficiency of their software development processes.

March 2, 2023
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Boris Tane

Founder at Baselime

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