EventBridge Storming and Minimum Viable Migrations (Live Stream)
Ben Ellerby


Ben Ellerby joins AWS's live Serverless Office Hours.

Find out all about event storming with Amazon EventBridge and minimal viable migrations. Serverless Hero Ben Ellerby joins Julian Wood to show you how to discover and model events for your business and applications. Event storming enables reduced coupling, faster development speed, an adaptable architecture, reduced risk, and improved team autonomy. Ben also covers using a minimal viable migrations approach to introduce stepping stones for you migrations projects that are typically constrained by all-or-nothing waterfall delivery.

Event Driven Architectures
May 3, 2022
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Ben Ellerby

Ben is the founder of Aleios & an AWS Serverless Hero. He is the editor of Serverless Transformation: a blog, newsletter, and podcast which share tools, techniques, and use cases for all things Serverless.

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