EventBridge Storming Workshop at AWS
Ben Ellerby


Event Storming is a workshop approach to defining the Events, Boundaries and Entities in your business domain created by Alberto Brandolini as an extension to Domain-Driven Design (DDD).

EventBridge Storming takes this approach and extends it - leaving teams with the blueprint for their Serverless architecture.

EventBridge Storming enables reduced coupling, faster development speed, an adaptable architecture, reduced risk and improved team autonomy.

It can be applied to Greenfield applications, as well as migration projects as part of the "Minimum Viable Migration" framework.

In this hands on workshop participants will explore how this approach can be used to design a state of the art Event-Driven Serverless Architecture based on EventBridge, by applying the process to a hypothetical product.

EventBridge storming was released in 2020 by Ben Ellerby, AWS Serverless Hero, and Founder and CTO of aleios, and has been used with our clients and the wider Serverless community.

This is an invite only event hosted at AWS London's office and facilitated by aleios.

Event Driven Architectures
May 24, 2022
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Ben Ellerby

Ben is the founder of Aleios & an AWS Serverless Hero. He is the editor of Serverless Transformation: a blog, newsletter, and podcast which share tools, techniques, and use cases for all things Serverless.

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