“Full Stack Types” with CDK: One Type To Rule Them All!
Joel Hamilton


CDK allows us to configure our AWS infrastructure using TypeScript (as well as other familiar programming languages).

The choice of language with CDK is not just about the developer experience, as opting for a typed language enables us to share types between the infrastructure and application layer. In addition, opting for a full stack language like TypeScript allows us to share types between the frontend, backend and Infrastructure as Code.

Full Stack Types provide a variety of benefits, including the ability to catch type errors at compile time, improved code readability, increased IDE support, and faster debugging. Sharing types across layers of the stack also results in increased developer velocity due to reduced type duplication.In this talk we will look at this in practice - how to structure your application, best practices for sharing types and how this works with multiple teams.

May 26, 2022
This talk was hosted at an aleios event. The speaker / company does not work for aleios.
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Joel Hamilton

Joel Hamilton is a Cloud Engineer at aleios. He's a passionate member of the Serverless Community: a contributor to sls-test-tools, conference speaker, Serverless London Meetup Organiser and author on the Serverless Transformation Blog.

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