The Forgotten Runtime: a case for Serverless Go
Matt Carey


In the world of serverless computing, choosing the right programming language for AWS Lambda can make all the difference. While Node and Python are popular choices, this talk explores the benefits of using Go over these languages. Go is a hugely popular language for backend development for its simplicity and focus on developer productivity.One of the key advantages of Go, due to its complied nature, is its ability to provide fast cold starts, making it an ideal choice for latency-sensitive applications. Additionally, Go uses significantly less memory than Python or Node, making it a cost-effective option for functions with low memory requirements. Beyond its technical advantages, Go is also a more sustainable choice, using over 30% less energy than its counterparts, which can make a significant impact on the planet.While Go may not be the right choice for every use case, the talk emphasizes the importance of considering it for functions that require fast cold starts, low memory, and make use of concurrency. Furthermore, the talk encourages a business-oriented approach to driving change, rather than a purely technical one.Overall, this talk provides valuable insights into the benefits of using Go for AWS Lambda and presents a compelling case for considering it alongside other programming languages.

March 2, 2023
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Matt Carey

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