Lambda SnapStart - CRAC’ing the cold start
Matt Meckes


Java is one of the most popular programming languages. However, in terms of start-up time, interpreted or natively compiled languages have traditionally been better suited for Serverless applications. SnapStart released for AWS Lambda at re:invent 2022 and attempts to address this. SnapStart enables builders to achieve up to 10x faster startup performance for Serverless Java functions with minimal or no code changes. By leveraging elements of the CRaC project, SnapStart allows you to resume your function from a pre-initialized snapshot. In this talk you will learn how snapshotting of Java Lambda functions works, why this is important for Serverless and how this might be used with other runtimes in the future.

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Matt Meckes

Matt Meckes is a Senior Serverless Specialist at AWS. Leading the GTM strategy for AWS's serverless products in UK and Ireland. Lambda, API Gateway, EventBridge, StepFunctions, SNS, SQS... Building the serverless future.

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