Will Serverless kill Kanban?
Fabrice Bernhard


On one hand coding is primarily creative, so how can it be reduced to a structured process. Dan North says "everything before production has high variance". On the other hand, experience shows that very structured approaches like scrum and kanban have brought huge productivity improvements, therefore showing that part of coding is predictable and not such high variance...In this talk Fabrice introduces us to the simple A B C model first introduced by Michael Ballé and how it solves the conundrum between creativity and predictability. But this model also opens up a very interesting conversation on predictability in a software world. Will predictable tasks end up automated... and will kanban still exist in a serverless world where everything predictable has been productised?

February 18, 2020
This talk was hosted at an aleios event. The speaker / company does not work for aleios.
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Fabrice Bernhard

Fabrice Bernhard is CTO of Theodo

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