FinOps (Cloud Economics)

Extract maximum value at optimal total cost with Serverless

FinOps (Cloud Economics)

Extract maximum value at optimal total cost with Serverless

Maximizing the value of Cloud requires changing how your organization architects, builds, and finances the applications and services you create.

FinOps (Cloud Economics)

Audit, Improve, Monitor

Cloud spending is more than just a shift from CapEx to OpEx; it requires breaking down the silos between technology, business, and finance. We help organizations understand their cloud bill and find optimizations to reduce costs and maximize the value of their budgets. Our approach starts with building situational awareness through our hands-on audit. We then support making changes to move the needle on cost, as well as modeling future expenditure. Finally, we work with your teams to build dashboards and alerts that bring the business, technology, and finance together, setting you up for maximum value in Cloud.

How does it work?


The first step in improving the cloud economics of any organization is to gain situational awareness. We compile a report by using knoweldge from cloud providers, organizational data, and interviews with your team to break down costs by service, usage, and region. This report highlights areas of overspending and presents an action plan of countermeasures to reduce costs. Additionally, we use your growth data to predict the future cost of your platform based on our key cost-per-user KPI.


Remediating overspend can require a range of steps, from simple configuration changes to complex re-architectures. Our team is available to support you in implementing and tracking the effectiveness of these changes. We can provide additional capacity when you're too busy with business as usual or offer training to fill gaps in capability. Additionally, we can help you implement best practices for tagging, budgeting, alerting, and more.

Continued Monitoring & Alert Response

Our goal is to enable you to make proactive, informed decisions so that you are never surprised by a bill at the end of the month. Proactively monitoring your costs provides visibility into spending patterns and cost drivers. This enables you to track expenses across various departments, projects, or even individual resources. By doing so, you can identify any required actions in near real-time and prevent overspending or budget overruns.

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