Flying into the modern cloud, the smart route.


Flying into the modern cloud, the smart route.

We help industry leading airlines leverage the best of cloud to scale their fleets, improve conversion and create increased loyalty while always reducing costs.

Disruption is the New Normal

It's never been so imperative for airlines to be able to handle unpredicted traffic, deploy changes rapidly and build a true culture of experimentation and personalization. Airlines need to move past the constraints external systems and their own legacy and build in a way that creates the lowest time-to-value for their customers, while ensuring quality and performance as standard.

As airlines look to adopt the power of Modern Serverless to address these needs they struggle to plot their route and execute the technical and organizational changes needed to unlock the full potential of the Cloud.

Serverless is the destination

Serverless allows companies to build applications without managing the underlying infrastructure, allowing for high development speed and cost optimization. This shift in responsibility to the Cloud provider is a form of outsourcing that is complementary to the business model of model of airlines, enabling low-cost, optimal utilization and massive scale.

If you get it right you can unlock the following:

  • Improved developer productivity
  • Improved performance (impacting overall conversion and ancillary revenue)
  • Reduced down-time through built-in availability.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (build, run and maintain)
  • Unlimited scalability

Aviation Projects

The Benefits of Serverless for Aviation

Higher Velocity
Increased Experimentation
Reduced Total Cost
Stability at Scale

Everyone departing from a different origin

We know that everyone is on a different part of the journey, that's why we work with you to understand your existing systems and plot the course with your teams. Whether you're still on-premise, have lift-and-shifted to the Cloud or are somewhere in the middle our evolutionary modernization framework ensures you realise the benefits quickly while pulling risk and uncertainty forward in a controlled environment.

How we charter the course for success

Our methodology is based in real world experience of modernizing the technology of orgnaisations and airlines of all sizes. Our Serverless Staircase for Aviation is the complete step-by-step guide to approach Cloud Modernization. A central part to this is the Minimum Viable Migration technique developed here at aleios that helps you to launch quickly, build a culture of delivery and reduce risk, all while delivering value to your passengers.

Your crew need to be onboard

We know that your existing teams are a key part to a successful modernization, and that this journey can be daunting. We've built industry leading bootcamps to ease the boarding process, while focusing training through hands-on development alongside our teams, with micro and macro training tracking through our Serverless Skills Matrix.

Aviation Partnerships

aleios is partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to help bring the best of Cloud, Serverless, to companies at any scale. Our unique partnership brings the insights of AWS's world-leading services directly into how we work with you. Combining your industry expertise with the best that Cloud has to offer: aleios & AWS.

World Aviation Festival is proud to continue to support the development of innovation in the aviation industry. As a company disrupting the industry we partner with the WAF to showcase what we do at their events around the world.

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