Enabling Governments to meet big challenges head-on


Enabling Governments to meet big challenges head-on

By using the best of cloud-native, Serverless, we make sure that Governments can focus on what matters most.

Implementation as forward-thinking as your policy

Build a Better Government 

Serverless architecture lets you innovate faster. You can quickly develop, test, and deploy new applications, reducing the time it takes to get new features into the public's hands. 

Rise up to new challenges 

We know that Governments are facing an increased demand to do more with less. Serverless is the way to meet these challenges. Serverless is the ultimate solution to cut costs and maximize efficiency. With pay-per-use pricing, the need to overprovision is eliminated, ensuring the public only pays for what the public uses.

Become a beacon of certainty

Governments need an infrastructure that can adapt to changes in demand as quickly as they can. Serverless's unique ability to scale instantaneously means no matter the demand for your service, the people who need you the most can always reach you.

Government Projects

The Benefits of Serverless for Government

Reduced Total Cost

Your Project, Your Requirements 

We understand that your services need to reflect the people you serve, and one size does not fit all. We use a combination of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and UX Workshops through the Discovery Phase to understand your existing end services. Workshops range from Lean Canvas activities for new product development and uncovering key assumptions to EventStorming and targeted architectural deep dives.

Your Lead, Our leadership

Leverage our position as a cloud leader to ensure Products and innovations in technology and the market are reflected in your projects. We can bring leaders from the world's top Cloud providers into your organization to share roadmap and developments based on our Partnerships. We constantly keep up to date with the latest advancements in Cloud Computing using several internal tools and processes (internal skills matrix, RSS Feed of Cloud Releases, Internal and External Published Serverless Transformation Blog & Newsletter, Weekly Team Trainings, AWS Certification).

Government Partnerships

aleios is partnering with AWS to help companies in the Public Sector adopt a Serverless approach. From web & mobile applications to system backends, video chat, analytics, data lakes, AI and more. We are proud to be an AWS Public Sector Partner. 

To streamline our interaction with the UK Government we are on several Frameworks:

  • G-Cloud 13 Lot 3
  • G-Cloud 13 lot 4
  • DOS 6

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