CTO as a Service

Technical leadership, on-demand

CTO as a Service

Technical leadership, on-demand

We provide architectural leadership, mentoring for engineers, board-level reporting, and even help you to hire and train an entire engineering team.

CTO as a Service

Whether you're a startup raising your initial funding or an enterprise needing interim support, the right technical leadership is key to succeed in the Cloud. Our consultants are battle tested across high-scale production workloads across various technologies and industries. With both full-time and on-demand options, we can provide the support you need when you need it.

We build your autonomy

Our goal is to help your with your initial challenges while simultaneously structuring your existing and future technology organization. We plan a roadmap to replace ourselves with the perfect full-time CTO when the time is right. For seed-stage startups, investing in a full-time CTO from Day 1 is not always the best use of runway. Instead, our on-demand model allows you to reassure investors and prove your viability without investing in a costly full-time CTO. For enterprises needing interim support, we know that stability is key. We prioritize creating a smooth transition plan and change management framework for when the time is right

How does it work?

North Star Kickoff

We kick off a session with your leadership team, board members, and, when relevant, investors to align on the current challenges and KPIs for success. In this session, the roadmap of the engagement is refined to ensure alignment of expectations, interactions and roles. This session is followed by an audit of the existing technology, processes, and systems with a gap analysis and improvement plan presented, monitored, and executed.

Strategy, Reporting and Mentoring

A tailor-made technology reporting cycle is created to meet the needs of visibility and governance. In addition, the consultant provides monitoring to existing or new hire engineers to ensure progression, quality and engagement. This mentoring can be as a temporary solution or as a long term plan to move an existing team member up to the level of CTO through a targeted training plan.

Transition and Handover

When the needs of the company evolve to need a full-time internal CTO, or an internal solution is found to fill a temporary leadership gap, we work with your team to plan a smooth and consistent handover. Documentation of the work, changes, technical debt assessments and processes are handed-over in workshop sessions, as well as the progression plans, 360 feedback, and coaching notes on engineers being mentored. The handover can be as rapid or gradual as needed, with access to support after the dedicated engagement.

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