Greenfield Acceleration

Build to scale, from Day 0

Greenfield Acceleration

Build to scale, from Day 0

We help companies of all sizes build new applications with scale in mind. From new large social media platforms to high-frequency global systems, our architecture is built to scale automatically, all while keeping costs low.

Greenfield Acceleration

Serverless enables applications to scale by default while reducing the overall total cost of ownership. When built correctly, Serverless-First applications can harness the cloud's full potential, unlocking almost unlimited compute and storage power on demand. By building well-architected Event-Driven Architectures and correctly configuring and load-testing service limits and inter-service contracts, we help ensure operational stability at any scale.

How does it work?

Understand the challenge

We work with your team to understand the goals and KPIs of your new application or service. With your objectives in mind, we then analyze the project's functional and technical requirements, understanding the necessary scaling, availability, and latency characteristics while identifying potential bottlenecks and challenges. In doing this, we derive the Epic list for the project and co-create a prioritized backlog of features.

Building The Architecture

Based on the features, scaling needs, and other contextual factors, we map out the optimal architecture for your application. Taking a "Serverless-First" approach, we ensure high scale at low cost while seamlessly integrating with current and third-party systems. We build an Event-Driven foundation that can withstand your current challenges and beyond. We deliver this architecture by providing strong visibility and integrating and training your current or future team as needed.

Observability and Configuration

We bake observability in as a default. We work to ensure your teams understand how to debug the system and configure relevant alerting and reporting. Through simulated synthetic testing and real-world traffic we profile the architecture and unearth potential bottlenecks and issues. When needed, dedicated load-testing can be automated to ensure scalability before important launch or marketing events.

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