Bringing agility through modernization to Serverless


Bringing agility through modernization to Serverless

We help industry leaders leverage the best of cloud to scale, innovate and increase revenue while reducing costs.

A Path to Modern Cloud

It has never been so imperative for organisations to handle unpredicted traffic, deploy changes rapidly, and build a true culture of experimentation. Disruptors are a dime a dozen, and brand value is a declining differentiator in the face of truly personalised digital experiences. Enterprises need to remove legacy technical debt as a bottleneck to innovate and work towards a North Star of reducing the time-to-value for new features, services, and experiences.

Modern Cloud technologies and a holistic technical strategy are essential, but a digital transformation to this ideal end-state has several challenges. Organizational design, governance, change management, and a progressive approach to migration are just as important as the technology approach.

Serverless enables innovation

Serverless allows companies to build applications without managing the underlying infrastructure, allowing for high development speed and cost optimisation.

If you get it right you can unlock the following:

  • Focus on building business value not managing infrastructure
  • Improved scalability & performance
  • Increased availability
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Aside from these benefits, a "Serverless First" enterprise has the ability to build out new products and services rapidly, enabling true adaptability to change.

Enterprise Projects

The Benefits of Serverless for Enterprise

Faster Time to Market
Reduced Total Cost
Stability at Scale

A long history meets modern ideas

We understand that your migration is not a greenfield project, and you can’t take the risk and revenue loss that comes with treating it as such. Instead, we use our MVM framework to circumvent feature parity paralysis and rebuild iteratively, pulling risk forward and testing assumptions as early as possible. In this approach, we can break down the entire system into a series of independently migratable stepping stones until the legacy system has been completely replaced.

New technology requires new ways of working

A modernization is not just a technology shift but requires an additional shift in the end-to-end ways of working to be successful. This involves upskilling existing technical staff (with a bespoke Upskilling Strategy), restructuring the technical and product organizations (a Team Topology Strategy), and changing the deployment culture.

Enterprise Partnerships

aleios is partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to help bring the best of Cloud, Serverless, to companies at any scale. Our unique partnership brings the insights of AWS's world-leading services directly into how we work with you. Combining your industry expertise with the best that Cloud has to offer: aleios & AWS.

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