Enabling startups to hit the ground sprinting with scalability built in.


Enabling startups to hit the ground sprinting with scalability built in.

We help startups to scale their users and their runway by using the best of cloud to launch fast and scale the smart way.

Speed & Scale Without the Burn

Runway has never been more important

We know there has never been more pressure to more with less, and that's where Serverless can help, reducing the cost to not only build but also run your apps and systems. With Serverless you pay for what you use, no more no less, so your costs scale as you do.

Time to has never been more important

Getting products out there, in the hands of customers and being ready to pivot big and pivot often is the new business as usual. With Serverless you write less code, less code to create new features and less code the change when you pivot. Leveraging cloud-native solutions Serverless is more about bringing together the right pre-build solutions and keeping the coding for what's special about you, what makes you different.

Building the team is never easy

Building the engineering teams to run the high scaling apps of today isn't easy. Our approach is to put you in the driving seat and build the team around you. We help kick start your journey but also help hire, train and mentor your engineers, that's just the way we work.

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The Benefits of Serverless for Startups

Faster Time to Market
Increased Experimentation
Pay as You Go

Serverless, The Startup way

The Serverless architecture is a game-changer for startups, allowing them to rapidly develop applications with optimized costs and high scalability. It frees startups from the burden of infrastructure management, enabling them to focus on product innovation and customer acquisition.

By leveraging the Cloud provider's infrastructure, Serverless allows startups to scale their applications quickly, in line with the demands of their growing user base. This low-cost, high-utilization model is particularly attractive to startups looking at their next funding round, as it demonstrates an ability to maximize ROI while minimizing upfront expenses.

Overall, Serverless technology is a critical enabler of innovation for startups, providing a cost-effective and scalable solution to build and deploy applications quickly. Investing in serverless is a signal that your startup is positioning itself for success in the fast-paced digital landscape.

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